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We were born here, we grew up here, this is our home.

We love this place, we treasure this place, nobody can destroy it!

Hurry up, let’s invite everyone to protect our Earth.

She is full of injuries, we must help her heal, so that the beautiful sceneries can be recovered…

We cannot leave forever, in search of another planet

The Earth is mother of nature, she is the great mother that held us in her lap and nurtured us!

Our activities



  • Thanks for the blessing of Pope Francis

  • Argentine disciples commemorate Master Wang Shu Jin
  • Knowing Orient: Conference on the Oriental Spiritual Practice in Argentina
  • International Tai Chi Chuan Exchange
  • Conference on vegetarianism
  • Day of meditation in the Children's Park
  • Capturing energy in San Pedro

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Talking about life's experiences under the tree (Spanish version)

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The vibration of nature that absorbs us all

In most cases, human beings follow the vibration of nature unconsciously, thinking that by staying at home and not going out to the sea or the mountains, we are far away from nature. However, the truth is that our breath, thoughts and mood changes follow the rhythm of nature all the time.

According to the thoughts and activities of one person, appear different rhythm effects. In everyday life, the transformation of feelings such as bliss, anger, sadness and happiness is unavoidable. Based on the emotion, rhythmic waves are formed that search in the air for corresponding response effects and that, at the same time, are stowed in our eighth consciousness.

It is simply the information of life that belongs to one person, be it good or bad, which echoes in space and is stowed in the eighth consciousness, forming the karma consciousness. This means that, unconsciously, all our actions are realized in this accumulated karma, be it in this life or the future ones.

Some bigger movements and stronger thoughts, such as the excess of greed, violence, anger, resentment, conflict, cruelty and other aggressive behavior, contact nature when they echo in space. In a shorter period of time, they are reflected in our surroundings, forming a murky qi that rises from our own being, elevates to space and rebounds to the inside of Earth. In this way, the pure qi and murky qi are mixed and give rise to disordered impact phenomena: rocks in the soil that compact and rub against each other strongly, leading sometimes to earthquakes or magma excesses that emerge on the planet surface or erupt in volcanoes. Furthermore, the murky qi, when receiving solar energy on the surface, forms different types of winds according to the geographical features of the region. Another possibility is that it is driven to the atmosphere affecting its normal operation, giving rise to features of different nature and disruptions: for example, intense rains that cause floods, dry electric storms that cause fires, or pathological viruses and bacteria that affect human health. All this happens in accordance with the human being’s thoughts. Those related to anger and resentment come back in that nature to impact on ourselves.

Wise people and religious groups usually advice people to control their minds, due to the fact that everything arises from it. In this world, the mind consciousness forms every single existing object. For example, the invention of the computer made our lives easier, but it also gave rise to the creation of computer hacking viruses. Both the invention and the creation of viruses originated in the human being, so it is possible to conclude that all the rhythms of nature in the universe are caused by human actions. Each form originates a different transformation of rhythm. Thoughts and actions form great vibrations that affect the natural rhythm. Unconsciously, the greenhouse effect and extreme weather are the big effects that are caused by human action.